PS4 vs Xbox One

Xbox (left) and Play Station 4 (Right) ,

PS4 vs Xbox One

New generation of gaming have arrived and two new and extremely powerful gaming consoles are available in the market it is very hard to choose which is better for you with the following you may conclude which is better for you. Both consoles are at the heights of power but their are some factors which makes one of this the ultimate solution for every gamer.

First thing that clicks the mind while comparing these consoles is Physical Hardware Feature comparison


Play Station 4’s price is $399.99 while the price of Xbox One is $499.99. When comparing the price PS4 by Sony manage to provide this much power on pocket friendly cost .

Release Date

In US PS4 was released on 11/29/2013 and in Europe on 11/29/2013 but Xbox was released on 11/22/2013 worldwide.

Optical Drive

Both consoles provides Blu-ray Disc and DVD so it is a draw.


Play Station 4 comes with 8 GB GDDR5 RAM and Xbox One can also support 8 GB GDDR3 RAM . While comparing RAMs both are pretty close but this crown goes to Play Station 4 as it provides same 8 GB but with new technology.


Plays station 4 supports Single-chip x86 AMD “Jaguar” processor, 8 cores while Xbox One supports 8 Core Microsoft custom CPU this is also a tie as the processor are same from same company “AMD”.


The component that really makes difference between devices is GPU . Plays Station provides AMD Radeon Graphics Core Next engine w/ 1152 shaders while Xbox One provides 853 MHz AMD Radeon GPU w/ 768 shaders. By these specifications it shows that the horse of Play Station is moving faster.


Both provides 500 GB of storage but Play Station provides SATA II at 5400 RPM. So the storage is better of PS.

dual shock 4

xbox one controller

Both consoles provides the internet connection for online playing.

Comparison table

None of these consoles provides backward compatibility ,both provides online chat for online multiplayers . Dual shock 4 the controller of PS4 is rechareable but Xbox one’s rechareable battery does not come in the box and sold seperately. If we talk about motion gaming Xbox wins this crown as with kinect on their side. PS4 provides 2 3.0 USB ports while Xbox provides 3 3.0 ports , PS4 also provides Bluetooth 2.1 . Play Station Provides better online features.


We already knew the PS4 was beated the sale of Xbox in UK , even 10 console sale of xbox sony sale 15 PS4 .This is the statement of Directer of Menegement of Sony in UK Fergal Gara.

the sale of 4.2 million is far more away from the expectation of Sony  . Gara said. “Our biggest job in the opening weeks was securing volume. We’re still not in stock at retail and we continue to work on that and we’re very, very pleased with the results.”

Exclusive Games


Dark Sorcerer


Deep Down

War Frame

Don’t Starve



Crimson Dragon


Dead rising 3

Forza 5


NOTE: Almost all other games are available for both consoles .

We hope this comparison cleared the picture of our ideal console.



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